Plastic surgeries r us

My company puts self-esteem back in the lives of our customers. Its gives them their confidence back.


Design principles bellwork

On the revised business card there are a lot of things that look better. The colors are more clean with the red and the added circles. His contact information is clearly placed at the bottom with matching colors and legible font. The “home auto business life” is spaced with clean lines instead of dots. The logo is incorporated into the theme and background of the document.


A newsletter is a document that informs your bands fans and anyone else who wants to be informed on whats going on. A newsletter is a written report that is prepared for a group to inform the public.


New Orleans

Whenever we were in new Orleans, our group had lunch with a drag queen named Ashley. He cooked us catfish, shrimp, and subs. He also showed us his official DVD called Ashley’s adventures of new Orleans. He has the best @$$ in town. He seems like a pretty cool character and he was the highlight of our trip.


Marketing is being used by getting our name out in the public so people will know about the band. Is people see our name they will look for us on the internet and if they like us then they might buy a tsirt or even a concert ticket.